What Is Satya?

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“How can I show up in the world as my truest self?”

As we know The Yamas are abstinences, or restraints, and The Niyamas are observances. I think it can be easy and somewhat natural to look at abstinences from a lack mindset, and so I invite you to shift over to a more positive mindset as we look at The Yamas in more depth and ask yourself “How can I take this one step further when applying to my own life?”

The second of The Yamas is Satya, meaning integrity or truthfulness and once again I’m going to invite you to delve deeper with me by identifying what this means to you in both your heart and your soul. When we think about being honest and living with integrity we accept that we must do so by first practicing Ahimsa and inviting peace into our hearts. When we think about how our thoughts become our words, and our words become our actions; we understand that in order to practice truthfulness with others, we must first practice truthfulness with ourselves. Think about how you talk to yourself and your body, for example. Do you speak to your body with love and honesty? Or do you judge your own body and as a result find yourself judging others without even realising it? Do you offer your truth with ease when partaking in conversations, and reject other people’s just as easily? Do you maintain an open heart and mind when your beliefs are challenged? Or are you so defensive of your own belief system that you unconsciously lose out on the opportunity to grow and expand your horizons?

As we know, all change starts within the mind so I encourage you to consider facing that hard truth you may have been avoiding, and do so with kindness and an open heart. By looking within we can asses just how congruent our thoughts, words and actions truly are. This in turn enables us to make positive changes that will benefit our own selves and the world in which we live

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