What Is Brahmacharya?

“What is the best use for my energy today?”

This week we turn our attention to Brahmachrya or self-control. This is the one Yama that everyone seems to think means celibacy and in many ways I suppose it does but that doesn’t mean abstaining from sex for the rest of our lives. What it does mean is creating an awareness (see the pattern here yet?) Around our behaviours, patterns and desires that steal energy from us every single day so that as a result we can become more and more balanced. In the book “True Yoga” by Jennie Lee she states that “When we cultivate a balanced and moderate approach to life we actually open up to more abundance”

Every part of our life requires energy, be it physical, mental or emotional; and when we focus on one for too long that energy flow becomes unbalanced, which will ultimately lead to stress and maybe even overwhelm. Stress can literally turn our naturally alkaline bodies into a state of acidity, which create the perfect breeding ground for disease so it’s important to regularly ask ourselves if the thing that is causing us stress is actually worth wasting our energy on

Jennie Lee gives a great analogy for this; Our energy banks require a budget so it’s important to determine if what we’re expending energy on right now will matter in ten years time

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