What Is Ahimsa?

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“How can I be more peaceful both with-in and with-out?”

As we know The Yamas are abstinences, or restraints, and The Niyamas are observances. I think it can be easy and somewhat natural to look at abstinences from a lack mindset, and so I invite you to shift over to a more positive mindset as we look at The Yamas in more depth and ask yourself “How can I take this one step further when applying to my own life?”

The very first of The Yamas is Ahimsa, and it’s literal translation is “non-violence”, which absolutely has to start within ourselves first and foremost by inviting peace into our hearts. Think of it this way, if our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions and our actions become our destiny, then wouldn’t you agree that in order to give peace freely to those we interact with, we must first practice peace within ourselves? Non-violence on it’s own simply isn’t enough. By practicing internal peace only positive change can happen, which then affects how we show up in the world. It’s about watching our thoughts and being mindful of keeping negative thoughts in check, which is so much easier said than done because we’re human and unfortunately, we nurture our ego so much more than our soul. And by ego I mean the voice that originally protected us from danger but has somehow become the voice that prevents us from taking risks because we fear failure - and let me say now that, that is a whole other conversation for a whole other day!

Since all change starts with a single thought; by simply creating an awareness around said thoughts, we are already, inspiring an internal shift for the better. By choosing peaceful thoughts we are leaning into inner peace. In the book True Yoga, the author states that “Peacefulness allows us to be proactive, enabling us to give peace and continual understanding to those who are angry with us until we have fostered a bridge of harmony”

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