We Ebb & We Flow

How I chose to consciously spend my free time in nature, slowing down, breathing & allowing myself rest & how this changed my entire outlook...

This year I've learnt that August is a time when practice numbers typically drop.

Our commitment to our physical practice ebbs a little as we begin to prioritise being outside feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin, being closer to nature, spending time with the people we love & (consciously or otherwise) taking our Yoga "off t

he mat".

August has really been time for me to slow down, like really slow down. Consciously choosing to spend less time on social media & more time reading, journalling, moving my body & getting my arse down to the beach to play on my new SUP board or heading into the forest with Matt & our bulldogs, Gizmo & Bindi.

The energy has felt somewhat heavier as well for me & it's a feeling I couldn't shake quite literally until last night! At the beginning of the month I had my first ever Reiki experience with my amazing friend Jodie (who works with me on our monthly New Moon Sisterhood Circle - btw they're back for Autumn & Winter!) & you may be somewhat surprised to learn I've not had Reiki before but it's true. I've wanted to try Reiki for many years but I knew I only wanted to experience it with someone I trusted. Enter Jodie who has become one of my closest friends & trusted confidants over the last 2 years. I feel like we've known each other much much longer!

After my first Reiki experience I felt strange. Not in a good or bad way just, strange. Surreal. Jodie then handed me a book she'd recently finished reading called Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell. I read Light Is The new Black a few years ago & it rocked my whole world, I cried with every turn of the page. It's like she's writing to the very depths of your soul & so I've been reading her latest book, Rise Sister Rise & have been crying again with every turn of the page but it's been an amazing release of energy & emotion. Not necessarily sadness or grief, simply a release & it's really helped me gain clarity on my life, my dreams , my aspirations & what it truly is that I want to share with the world, with you.

I've been resisting sharing content on my YouTube channel for a number of months now & I finally realised why. Although I left my corporate career over 2 years ago & am a very happy business owner, I've not truly shed my fiery, Yang, masculine energy of push, push, push & go, go, go & the need, expectation of doing better this month than I did last month. I've still fully been in my "Corporate Sales" mindset & not realising that it was draining me. Albeit slowly over a 2 year period but still it was draining me.

Reading Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell was almost like a slap in the face because it was like "How can you not see just how toxic your be

haviours have been towards yourself, Sam?". I haven't truly given myself time to slow down, to be still, to be present & to listen. Whilst I don't work a typical working week like I used to, after working in Further Education for 6 years followed by Corporate Beauty & Sales for 7 years, I definitely struggle to switch off. Looking back I have almost actively tried to keep myself as busy as possible to justify to myself that I'm a hard worker, when my original reasons for leaving employment were work less, work smarter & earn more.

The habits of a lifetime don't change overnight but after being forced to slow down this month, to listen to the whispers of the universe, to lean more into my cooler, Yin, feminine energy & surrender to Her, I feel like I'm finally beginning to understand how to do that in a way that brings me joy, peace & a sense of calm. I've been letting go of my strong grip of controlling every single aspect of my life, leaning into the heaviness, the ebbs & listening to my inner divine sacred feminine.

It's our 3rd month in the WELL Membership too & I know I'm not alone when I say that I am completely & utterly overwhelmed. In true & typical Sam style I gave all that I could & of course, began to feel drained because I was giving far too much of myself without really considering the consequences. Taking the time to be present with myself, spending some more time alone & really listening I’ve found that I’ve come full circle; Before I even signed up to be a Yoga or Pilates Teacher, I wanted to train as a Transformational Breathing coach after listening to a podcast on my way home from a day of driving from one business meeting to another, & I remember being sat in a queue of traffic on the M25 & saying out loud to no one in-particular “That’s what I want to do!”.

You see there was a time in my life when I was deeply unhappy, depressed to be more specific. I was in a psychologically abusive relationship & bein

g bullied in the workplace by women more than twice my age. I had 2 or 3 friends who were there for me during this time but I was the loneliest & most isolated I’d ever been in my entire life & remember one Saturday lying in bed, under the covers barely breathing & being completely comfortable with that sensation. It would take all my energy to drag myself into work, plaster on a smile & prepare to spend my day essentially being snubbed by the majority of the women I worked with, so on this particular Saturday when it was beautifully sunny outside (& we all know how much I LOVE being outside, especially in the sun!), I just couldn’t bring myself to move from my bed & all the time I was there, noticing how shallow & short my breath was without discomfort, I was thinking to myself “I could just stop breathing & everything would be better. I’d be free of my shitty existence, my parents & sister would be happier because they wouldn’t have to worry about me & I’d be free”.

So now you see why breath work plays a huge role in what I share with you. After spending the last 2 years saying “Yes” to every opportunity that has

come my way, all of which I’m incredibly grateful for, I now know that breath work is my calling. So many of us have forgotten how to consciously breathe in certain situations, we’ve lost the control of our breath, the ease, the flow. We’re stuck in that place of “fight, flight or freeze” & spending too long here is not good for us, for our nervous system, for our health, for our minds, our entire being.

From October the WELL Membership is changing & honestly I couldn’t be happier because it feels completely in alignment with my heart & my soul. I feel it in my bones that this will be good for me & most importantly good for YOU! I’ll be sharing more about what the membership is going to look like over the next few days & then you have complete autonomy as to whether you choose to join me on this journey or not.

To all of you who’ve expressed to me just how much my guided breath work practices have helped you, changed your perception of breathing, made it easier for you to breathe more consciously, THANK YOU! You’ve no idea just how much I needed & appreciate hearing those words during this time because it has confirmed to me even more that I am on the right path.

I’m excited for this next step of my own journey & sharing all the things I’m continuing to learn with you. But most of all I’m excited that you’re here for this & that you get to be a part of this change. We’re ever-evolving beings, we ebb & we flow through this human existence & I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to stick with me this far. Believe me when I say that the best is yet to come!

Gyda cariad a cwtch

(with love & hugs)



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