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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Hey welcome to The Well Body, more specifically The Well Body Podcast with me, Samantha Hale. Now if you’ve been following my podcasting journey for the last 18 months you’ll be forgiven for thinking “hang on a sweet minute, I thought this was SPATalks?!”. Well my friends, SPATalks is no more, those metaphoric shoes have been hung up for the last time as The Well Body Podcast aligns with my longterm vision for The Well Body brand and business

What can you expect from The Well Body podcast? Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday I’ll be putting out a new episode with a specific theme each week and what better way to start than by looking deeper at a topic I’m currently learning myself, and that is The Philosophy of Yoga. More specifically, The Eight Limbs of Yoga, because Yoga is so much more than the fancy pants and sometimes downright scary poses we’ve become so used to seeing on our Instagram feeds

The first episode goes live on Monday 29th June and I can’t wait to share it with you

Prefer to listen to the teaser? Amazing, you’ll find it here

If you'd rather watch the video's below

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