Taking A Mindful Moment

I can’t believe I’ve just completed the 1st day of week 2 of PIIT28 and the 28 day reset and I feel AH-MAY-ZING!! These meals are fulfilling and the workouts are tough but I can see the difference alreaMDT. I think the fact that I’m teaching a POP Pilates class Monday - Saturday is having an even bigger impact too; between both workouts I’m getting stronger physically and mentally. My mindset has changed when I’m working out, as much as I have moments where I want to quit my mind is getting stronger and stronger and I’m able to push harder because I’m not giving in. It’s a new feeling, one I’ve never felt before, and I am relishing in it

As part of this month’s Mindful May calendar I’ve included a sprinkling of self-care rituals to enhance those mindful moments and today I’m sharing a meditative hand massage, which I’ve practiced for many years to, not only give my hands a lovely hydrating treatment, but to bring me back into the moment and clear my mind. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you

This weekend I have my yoga course and I’m so ready to get back into it although I do have 2 book reviews to complete this week, the first one is by Jennie Lee and is called True Yoga. It’s like a dummies guide to the eight limbs of Yoga and it is so clear in its explanations with real life examples, tasks to complete and affirmations. I think I will do a YouTube video about it soon because I’m really enjoying it!


All of these things I so desperately wanted to do but just didn’t have the time, I can now finally focus on with my undivided attention. If you want to give my first video some love that would be amazing! The link is below

The Well Body YouTube Channel

I hope you’re having a positive start to the week

Stay Well



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