Spirals in Nature

Hey friends

I hope you've had an amazing week? As you know this month we're exploring the spirals found in nature & they really are everywhere. This week our focus is on the spirals a rose makes as it blossoms in the sun & we've been exploring this in great depth for our first week in the WELL Membership too; from the spirals we notice in our breathing, to the spirals we can create on the mat during our physical practice & visualising spirals in this week's Yoga Nidra.

When we've had something highlighted to us we begin to notice it everywhere in our daily life. I've been spending ore time noticing the roses in my garden & how they bloom, even taking some time to count the individual petals, which is quite meditative & mesmerising once you get started.

I wanted to share this with you too so I created a powerFUL Vinyasa Yoga practice to share with you, which I really hope you'll enjoy following.

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Come celebrate the Summer Solstice & International Yoga Day with me in the heart of the South Downs.

On Tuesday 21st June at 11am a group of us will be meeting at the foot of Kingley Vale & then we'll hike to the summit where we'll practice some nature inspired Yoga before enjoying a picnic & then heading back down the hill & continuing with our day. It's just £10 per person so be sure to invite your friends & loved ones to join as well!

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Until next week

Gyda cariad a cwtch

(with love & hugs)



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