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Hi Yoga friends

How are you? I hope you managed to get some sunshine this weekend? After last weekend being so full on with THREE different Yoga events, I have to say I was really looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. Although this doesn't come naturally to me, nor indeed do I think it comes naturally to the vast majority of us who have been working since we were mere teens!

It's hard to break the habit of a lifetime when it comes to work & the idea of it. I've been self-employed now for over 2 years (it's flown!) & it was only really this past weekend that I forced myself not to work, not to open my laptop & not to create unnecessary work for myself. Instead I purposefully slowed down, read my book, spent time in my gardens & meditated, & in doing so I realised that THIS is exactly WHY I left my corporate job back in 2020 just before the world went crazy!

This weekend I found myself coming back to the idea of slow living & what it truly means to me, & that is being more present, consciously spending my time doing the things I enjoy, being outside in nature, barefoot on the grass, getting fresh pickings from my garden & taking the time to breathe & be still. It's hard sometimes because our minds are often racing a million miles an hour but I felt really grateful to have been reminded of this over the weekend.

So this is my renewed sense of purpose for myself. I'm bringing it into the WELL Membership & all my in-person practices this week as well as we explore the teachings of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika a little deeper again. Building on last week's intention of bringing a sense of balance back into our lives as we overcome the overwhelm, this week we're drawing our awareness to one of the three major Nadi's (or channels) in our body, "ida Nadi". Ida nadi is the lunar or moon energy within us. It is the Yin energy that is cooling, calming & grounding. Often referred to as the feminine energy that is opposite to the masculine Yang energy although, I've yet to read this particular reference specified in the book itself.

Ida nadi begins at Mooladhara (root) chakra, our earth chakra so in our practices this week we'll be awakening ida nadi with chandrabheda pranayama (lunar piercing breath) as we move slowly & purposefully in our sunrise Yoga. In our sunset Yoga we'll move through a Yin inspired practice since we're edging close to the full moon.

I'd love for you to join me in-person & online so click the links below to check out when my next in-person practice is or to join the WELL Membership for unlimited online content seven days a week!

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