Satya - Questions & Affirmations

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Today I want to share with you some questions and affirmations to use both in journalling and when focusing on creating positive and powerful change within


  • Are my words honest and said with love?

  • How can practice truthfulness within my mind and my body?

  • In what ways am I open to unlearning what I thought I knew to be true?

  • In what ways did I honour my truth today?

  • Am I living my soul’s true purpose?

  • What do I truly love about my body?


Affirmations and Mantras are not one and the same and have wildly different origins and applications. I read recently that an affirmation is motivational whereas a Mantra is sacred. Affirmations are rather specific to assist in over-coming negative thoughts, feelings or emotions. Mantras on the other hand, are deeply rooted in the Yogic Philosophy. They are words, sounds or invocations that are repeated or chanted during Meditation. Then we have intentions, which are different again. An intention is a commitment to inspired action, and this is best explained by Candice Nikeia on her IGTV, and is linked to in the show notes of this episode. What I am going to share with your today are affirmations that you can take forward with you into your day:

  • I speak my truth with kindness

  • I am open to learning new truths today

  • By living and expressing my truth, I hold space and empower others to do the same

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Next week we'll be discovering more about Asteya together

Stay Well



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