Prioritising My Own Self-care

Hi Yoga friends

How was your weekend? I pretty much spent my entire weekend outside either surrounded by the beautiful nature of Kingley Vale in the South Downs National Park or in my own garden, tending to my flowers, plants, shrubs, trees & of course weeding!

I learnt that May is the month for weeding according to this month's issue of Gardener's World. I used to watch Gardener's World every Sunday morning when we had a TV cable but now we don't I've found myself missing it more & more so I downloaded the app & subscribed to the online magazine, which I am LOVING! Major Monty Don fan here!! (He reminds me of my Grandad Les). Both my grandad's were avid gardeners, with my Granda Black once having upwards of 5 allotments on the go all at the same time!! We had courgettes, raspberries & strawberries coming out of our ears at one point haha.

Following on from last week's email I've been consciously spending less time on social mediaon the weekends (you may have noticed my lack of posts & stories over the last couple of weekends), as well as building more awareness of when I find myself mindlessly scrolling during the week, & so gardening has become one of the things I've chosen to spend more time doing because not only do I feel more connected to my own bit of land, but also to the earth & the naturethat surrounds me, as well as my Granda Black & Grandad Les. I felt like they were both with me as I drank copious amounts of sweet, strong tea & gently wiped aphids off my Roses (no pesticides here thank you!), spoke to the bees & butterfliesharvesting sweet nectar from my flowers, sowednew seeds for vegetables & herbs, & gave my Lavender a good prune before Summer really kicks in!

Whilst I still haven't physically made it onto my mat for Yoga, I am definitely back into my regular Pilates HIIT workouts, & I feel like right now, my personal Yoga practice is more off the mat (& perhaps more in my garden!) in the ways that I'm choosing to look after myself. So many of youreplied to my last email saying you felt the samein terms of taking time back for your own self-care& backing away from the things you're not feeling or things you want to do but, for whatever reason, can't bring yourself to actually do them. It was really comforting to know that, not only do you understand but you were having similar feelings. Maybe there's something in the air....

Anyway, overwhelm is the reason I chose this life & to take a risk on myself so I'm choosing not to overwhelm myself & I hope you really are doing the same. If you're not sure how you can bring more time into your day for yourself & your own self-care then let me show you how.

Give me 30 minutes each day from 23rd - 29th May & I'll give you all the tools I use to keep me grounded, sane & most of all happy!!

I'm running a FREE 5-day WELL Revolutionfocused on overcoming the overwhelm & saying "HELL NO!" to unnecessary stress. So come & join me & let me help you activate your wellbeing superpowers - yes, trust me you've got them & there's still plenty of time to sign up!

We've got a lovely group forming & I'm so excited to welcome you to this safe, empowering & happy place where we can support one another on this journey of ever-evolving personal wellness.

This week in Yoga we're moving with the moonas she journey's through her waxing phase. Last week we sowed the seeds of our intentions, letting them root deep down into the soils of our soul.

These roots are now germinating & seedlingsare sprouting, meaning this is the time to take inspired action towards reaching these intentions. That kick of motivation you're feeling is not by chance, that is the moon pulling you into her light, inviting you to grow & nurture these intentions & dreams.

Be confident in your actions & act with conviction.

You have SO got this.

I believe in YOU.

The question is do YOU in believe in YOURSELF?

Here's all the ways you can move with me this week...

Gyda cariad a cwtch



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