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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

You guys I am SO happy to be back here podcasting! I had so many big plans for SPATalks but as soon as we went into lockdown my plans were completely turned on their head, and you know what? I’m actually really grateful for that because I would NOT be doing half of what I’m doing now with The Well Body if lockdown didn’t happen. But before I get into all of that I wanted to share a little more about who I am and just what exactly The Well Body is…

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Samantha and I’m a Welsh girl living on the south coast of Britain with my husband and our myriad of furbabies. I’ve worked in The Wellness Industry since I was just 13 years old where I began as a Saturday girl at a local “Clinic of Alternative Therapy”, because back then “Wellness” was deemed far too airy-fairy for a business to survive, let alone thrive! I feel like I’ve done just about every job there is to as a Beauty Therapist, from working in Spa’s abroad, to teaching the next generation of Beauty Therapists here in the UK. From working NYFW & LFW to writing a NVQL2 Beauty Therapy text book for City & Guilds. But now I’m completely pivoting on my career and taking a big risk on myself. Yep, that’s right I walked away from my very well paid, very comfortable corporate job for a global skincare brand right as the UK was going into lockdown, crazy right? But the universe works in very mysterious ways and I believe that it has happened that way for a reason, which I’m sure I’l discover when the time is right

I started my 200hr YTT in Southampton just two weeks before lockdown and we’re now in our 5th month of learning. I’m really loving it too! I discovered Yoga many many moons ago when Ginger Spice left The Spice Girls and a while later released a Yoga video. I remember being so happy that my mum bought this video for me and then proceeding to never actually do anything with it since the first time I watched it I felt like I needed to have some kind of background in gymnastics. I actually don’t know where the video ended up but I watched it once and that was that. Fast forward to my mid twenties and I started dabbling with Yoga in my spare time, you could say this was the start of my journey because at that point in my life I was deeply unhappy and searching for something to fill some sort of void I guess. Over the years my practice has evolved into so much more than a simple yoga flow. It has seeped into all areas of my life because that is how it works; it’s not a workout, it’s an entire Philosophy, and last year I knew I needed to change my life by learning to become a Yoga Teacher and take a chance on me, on myself because if not now, when?

The Well Body came about because I’m so sick and tired of feeling like we are merely the sum of what we look like. Now let me be clear when I say that I am not part of the body positivity movement. That movement was created for Black women by Black women and I believe that as a White woman I do not belong there. I can totally stand in solidarity and support but it is not for me to come and try to make a space for myself within it. No, The Well Body is about showing ourselves that any body can be a well body because it’s about what is going on inside of us physically, physiologically and psychologically. It is about the alignment of our mind, body and soul and finding deep happiness and contentment with who we are both as humans and spiritual beings

I’ve been sitting with my thoughts and emotions around what to do with the podcast; should I continue with it? I mean I had some great ideas to develop and grow the SPATalks brand but overnight it’s like that spark was snuffed out, and it really was that quick too! Or should I just jack it all in stop podcasting completely? I wasn’t comfortable with this idea because I actually really love podcasting. So I decided to just sit with it, I knew I had plenty of time to let the answer come to me, there really was no rush and last week it came; I decided to use my podcast as part of my love for learning and knowledge sharing. I already have a YouTube channel and blog so a podcast really would be the cherry on the cake and it meant that I could continue doing something that I found really fulfilling

I love listening to podcasts, and most favourite format for non-interview based and information sharing is short, sweet and snappy. I could listen to a good interview all day but listening to the same person for more than 15 minutes? Boredom central! And one of my favourite podcasts, Socialette actually uses this formula of short, high value and often - what’s not to love. By the way if you want marketing help then you need to check out Socialette, it’s brilliant!

As of 1st July I’ll be releasing a new episode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with each week focusing on a specific theme. Our first theme is The Eight Limbs of Yoga, since I’m doing my 200hr YTT, why not share what I’ve learnt so far, since that was my original plan with my YouTube channel, but hasn’t actually turned out that way yet! Anyway, today I want to share what I’ve learned about The Eight Limbs of Yoga so we can get that basis in before we start diving into the individual limbs

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which were compiled sometime in the first four centuries and are comprised 196 Sanskrit sutras (or threads if you will), we will find The Eight Limbs of Yoga. Think of The Sutras as the overall theory and practice of Yoga since they are widely considered as the authoritative text on Yoga. The Eight Limbs of Yoga are as follows:

  • The Yamas & The Niyamas

  • The first two of the Sutras, think of the Yamas and the Niyamas as your abstinences and observances. There are five Yamas in total and they are moral qualities that are so essential for a deeper connection to our true soul nature. The Yamas help us to nurture a deeper relationship with ourselves, the wider world and of course the Divine / Universe / Source / God. The Niyamas, of which there are a further five, allow us to observe much deeper connectivity and harmony within ourselves and how we show up in the world

  • Asana

  • This is the one that the majority of people will have heard of and who think that this is what Yoga is all about. Asana are our Yoga postures but again, they are so much more because they are about correct alignment for physical comfort and ease. The goal is not to force our bodies into the perfect headstand or crow pose, but rather to prepare the body for undistracted Meditation

  • Pranayama

  • You may have heard of the words “Chi” or “Qi”? Well Pranayama is our life force, our energy, our breath. You may have heard of “Pranayama techniques”? This is usually in reference to a breathing technique

  • Pratyahara

  • Interiorisation of the senses. The goal with pratyahara is to bring about a sense of tranquility in order to form the basis of our Meditation practice

  • Dharana

  • This is the practice of focused attention by training the mind to a single point that is required for Meditation

  • Dhyana

  • Better known as Meditation. Who knew there were an entire six steps that laid the foundations for a more effective Meditation practice. Just like Asana there is a lot of misinformation and imagery around Meditation. Let me be clear with you when I say that Meditation is not only about sitting cross legged for a gazillion years and thinking about nothing, which by the way is impossible! It’s about finding a stillness within where you welcome all thoughts that come to you without allowing them to anchor you to them, you just let them go. Our consciousness flows continuously inwards as opposed to being anchored to the external things that try, and often succeed, in stealing us away

  • Samadhi

  • Reuniting our individual consciousness with the universal one consciousness. This is the bliss you feel when you’ve hit that sweet spot with your whole Meditation practice and it may be something that you never achieve and for me, it’s also being okay with that knowledge

Starting on Monday 29th June we’ll be focusing our attention on The Yamas, starting with the first being Ahimsa. So make sure you’ve subscribed, share share SHARE this podcast with your mum, your sister and your friends and join me on this journey of discovery into The Philosophy of Yoga

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