Pilates // Yoga & My Very First Instagram Reel!!

It’s the first Monday in January and not only are we being bombarded with the usual diet culture crap, we’re also being bombarded by people telling us this, and that it’s okay to do absolutely sweet f a in terms of “eating healthy” or “doing a detox”, if really all you want to do is chill on the sofa, eating your body weight in Oreos & watching the latest instalment of Sabrina on Netflix

All I’m gonna say is do what makes you happy. Don’t do something just because other people are telling you to

Personally, I got my arse out of bed this morning and moved it because (well because honestly, I had no choice!) I had my very first online Yoga asana practice of 2021 to teach to 3 lovely humans. I’m glad they kept me accountable because I would have easily rolled over and gone back to slept after switching my alarm off this morning - which would have also been fine by the way!!

Oh I was SO INSPIRED by my beautiful friend Sarah & her Warrior flow as part of her final exam back in November that I channelled her energy & brought the block back for our morning practice

January‘s // Rise Well With Power // Yoga is all about channelling our inner Warrior as we explore the 3 Warrior asanas, cultivate our Victorious breath & empower ourselves to manage our own energy, stresses & anxieties. Of course every Warrior needs their rest, which is why this month’s // Rest Well With Clarity // Yoga is focused on bringing ourselves back down to earth with slow and steady breathing so we feel more like ourselves again

I would LOVE for you to join us but hey, no pressure my friend, & even if you do book & then decide you’ve changed your mind, you’ll still get the replay to come back to whenever you like! Winner winner (vegan) chick’n dinner haha

Click here to book your spot on the (virtual) mat

I also decided to further develop my relationship with Pilates by committing to practicing for around 15 mins each day. I wanted to make it super easy & sustainable for myself so 15 mins or less is like the perfect mini hit I need

Then I thought “Sam, why not share this with others so they too can move just a little bit if they want to?!”. I made a calendar for myself, just screen shot it if you fancy giving it a go! The best part is, IT’S TOTALLY FREE!!

No pressure at all though. Again, it’s all up on YouTube so you can check it out it whenever you want. Plus I purposely focused on just ONE area of the body each day so that by the end of the week we have a full body Pilates sesh - Cool, huh?!

I did my first ever reel on Instagram and it only took me like, half an hour haha. Why is it that the moment I hit 30 I seemed to lose my natural knack for the techy stuff? What’s that all about?!?! Anyway, check it out below. for some reason the download doesn’t include music but, whatever

Its also on my Tik Tok account too. Say hi & give me a follow if you’re on there

Anyway, I hope you’ve had a good day today and if you didn’t then you know what? That’s okay because some days are good and some days are shit. Make Yourself a cuppa, run yourself a warm bath, get your fave pj’s on & do whatever the hell else makes you happy my friend

Stay Well



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