Okay, So I failed!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I can't believe I didn't write a blog post yesterday! Three days in and I don't share anything after making a commitment to blog every day... Ahhhhh! In my defence I was enjoying watching Peter Rabbit with Matt and the bulldogs so I think that's a good enough reason. Family time is waaaayyyy more important but also, how could anyone say no to snuggles with these munchkins???

I can't believe I'm turning 35 tomorrow as well!! I remember turning 30 and thinking "WOW, now I'm a grown up!" Well now I'm closer to 40, which just feels a bit weird because I still feel like I'm 22... I probably still act like I'm 10 years old though hahahaha. We have a "house party" planned for Friday night with family and we'll be doing a pub quiz, dancing to our favourite tunes and snacking on the best food. I am not letting a lockdown spoil my birthday thank you very much. I have some POPFLEX gear coming too, which I am super excited about and will do a video to share it all with you

I absolutely LOVE POPFLEX activewear, it's so feminine but super functional as well. Fair play to Cassey, she really has thought of everything, from hidden pockets for keys and your phone to fit and form so you never end up with hems riding up or down when you're squatting. What I really love though is that she doesn't compromise on style and aesthetic. These clothes look AMAZING and are super cute, there is no other brand like them. I do like Sweaty Betty too but they don't always have as nice designs. I love bright and girly colours and sometimes I find Sweaty Betty can be a bit bland, not always but for me they don't always get it spot on with the aesthetic. They do however get it spot on with function and form and both brands are very true to size as well. For example, my POPFLEX Constellation legging ended up on a 90 wash - don't even ask! - and they did not shrink one little bit! Impressive

In other news it's day 3 of the ab challenge and today was SOOOOO much harder than I thought it would be. I mean, I was so happy to be doing Double Leg Lifts and then I started and was like "Ummmm, this is actually really hard and I think I'm going to actuallyDIE right now!". Needless to say I did not talk during this video, I ended up having to record a voice-over! No, I'm serious. You can check it out in the facebook group

Tonight I've been working hard on putting the finishing touches together for my secret launch tomorrow. I am beyond excited for this and I'll be sharing it tomorrow night at 6pm live on Facebook before we work out together so make sure you're there to be one of the first I think you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

In the meantime I hope you have a lovely evening and I'll see you back here tomorrow night

Stay well



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