My Why

So many more of you have joined the community of people who want to effectively and sustainably address the chronic-stress they experience

My mission is to reach the reported half a million people living with chronic-stress in the UK and I realised the other day that via all of my social media channels and this very website, we’re currently 2, 500 people strong!!

Why chronic-stress though? Because I suffered with it for a solid ten years and it’s all rooted in the past trauma of a psychologically abusive relationship, which I’m only now beginning to truly deal with; and systematic workplace bullying

I’ve spent the last ten years running away from the aftermath of both those experiences and in doing so built up walls, alienated myself from others and convinced myself that the people I worked with didn’t like me

All of which built up more and more stress in my body, which began to affect my marriage, my friendships, my own relationship with myself. I became apprehensive and almost anxious about leaving the house in the mornings for work and even now find it much easier to hide indoors

Who knew that the girl who was so desperate to travel the world would become anxious about stepping outside her front door?!?! 18 year old me would be mortified!

I began practicing Yoga, making shapes on the mat, learning how to breathe again, visualising the day I WANTED to have and the interactions I wanted to experience. Slowly, I began to feel more empowered and last year took a risk on me by quitting my Corporate job as a Business Consultant for the UK’s number 1 professional skincare brand, and launched Well With Samantha, specialising in Corporate Wellness programmes to reduce the number one cause of work-related absence; chronic-stress

I’m just sharing what works for me and it’s really simple:

🫁 Breathe

🤸🏼‍♀️ Move

🧘🏼‍♀️ Meditate

🙏🏻 Be grateful

📖 Journal

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I can’t wait to empower you, yes YOU (!!!) with the tools to better manage your own chronic-stress, and if you have your own practices please share them in the comments below

Stay Well



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