Monday Morning Anti-Stress Affirmation

Happy Monday my friends

Here’s your weekly anti-stress affirmation to carry into your week. Take a screenshot and save as your wallpaper so you are reminded of it every time you look at your phone

Alternatively, share the square to your Instagram feed with your own caption of what it means to you and tag me so I can like and share it also. Remember to use the hashtags #antistressaffirmations and #wellwithsamantha

I’ve been doing a lot of breathing recently (It is Febreathary after all 😅) and so this affirmation feels good to say out loud

I’ve noticed that when I breathe consciously and with purpose I’m forced to take note of my senses and my surroundings

By doing this, I notice the things I feel. I notice the things I smell. I notice the things I see. I notice the things I taste. I notice the things I hear

I’m forced to be much more present in this moment and that’s why I wanted to share this with you. I hope it helps you in the same way it’s helped me

Stay Well



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