July - A Recap

I didn't really do an introduction to July like I did with June & honestly it's because I felt totally uninspired, not by our theme for our practices but rather I couldn't get into the headspace for writing. I really love the idea of sharing a blog post with you every week but honestly the reality of how much the idea overwhelms me when I actually come to write my blog posts is all to real.

There really is so much I want to do in my business & I'm very much an all or nothing kinda girl who starts out with the very best intentions only to find the novelty very quickly wears off & I'm left feeling uninspired, unmotivated & overwhelmed.

It's important to me to get my newsletter out every week because I know how much so many of you genuinely look forward to receiving it, which honestly makes me smile so much. Hearing you tell me when you see me that you really look forward to my newsletters is confirmation that what I share actually does bring you value & that's really all I hope for.

Writing a blog post every week is not really necessary & so I'm going to try sticking to one a month as a recap of the previous month & an introduction for the new month ahead. Likewise, you may have noticed that I still haven't shared a weekly practice with you even though that was my intention again from June - overwhelm. Notice the recurring pattern here. I just give myself too much stuff instead of focusing on one thing at a time - I'm trying my best to change this though. Again, I'm thinking a monthly video feels more doable so I'm going to give it a try in the hopes that it works for us all.

July really had a lot going on; from my second month of the WELL Membership, to launching my free online 28-Day Pilates Challenge, launching my private Facebook group for us all to come together in this growing community of movement lovers, and even creating a WhatsApp group for local Wellness professionals to connect & support one another. I ran 3 experiences & collaborated with friends on 3 more events in Chichester & London! I absolutely LOVED every single minute of it too!!

In this month of doing more in my business, offering more experiences & services I also found the time to slow down & appreciate my own life. Finally, after more than 2 years since leaving the corporate world I am finding it a little easier to lean into a slower pace of life. I'm finding I can naturally ease to moments of stillness, to be more present with the people I love, & to spend more time in my garden where I feel closer to the people no longer with me.

July was all about exploring the philosophies of Hatha Yoga, in-particular the teachings of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, which really is blowing my mind with every turn of the page & I highly recommend reading it if you wish to deepen your own knowledge & understanding further! We really only scratched the surface of delving into the Nadi & how through our breath, movement & intention we can awaken certain energies within us & bring a sense of balance into our lives. I feel like I've definitely taken this concept off my mat & into my life more & more throughout this month & I plan to explore it further beyond July as well, as I hope you do too.

I'll see you next month

Gyda cariad a cwtch



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