I Am A Yoga Teacher.

In March I embarked on my 200hr YTT with Laura Green Yoga. Before entering that first lesson on Saturday 14th march I was nervous, apprehensive, excited

What if the other people on the course didn't like me? What if I didn't like the course??

All the feels were there & all were completely valid yet unnecessary because I got to meet 15 unique, kind, intelligent & inspiring humans who have not only become my friends but my Yoga family

Over the last 9 months we've discovered the Philosophy and traditions of Yoga together; we've taught in person community classes both as a large group and as smaller groups; we've learnt how to plan and theme a Yoga lesson based on all manner of inspirational topics, from Anatomy & Physiology (my personal favourite!) to Mythology, from nature to sacred geometry. We've developed skills in Meditation & Pranayama (breath work), and we've learnt the most important business side of things as well as how to actually market our businesses successfully

I was surprised to find out that Chair Yoga is cool as hell! Restorative Yoga is soooooo bloody good and Yin Yoga is nowhere near as boring as I had expected. I've learnt so much more about pranayama and the importance of breath work for all practices, and I've been inspired to create my very own 6 week Yoga course aimed at my ideal customer; time poor womxn with high-stress, depression & imposter syndrome. This womxn may even have experienced or be experiencing trauma & anxiety, and as someone whose also experienced all of these things I am on a personal mission to empower as many womxn as I possibly can through my Yoga via Corporate Wellbeing programs, private 1:1 Yoga sessions & affordable community based Yoga classes where all money received will be given to charity

Everything culminated into our final week long intensive in Droxford last week. We were originally supposed to be going to Tarifa but Lady Rona scuppered those plans didn't she! In all fairness Droxford was absolutely stunning and felt so remote even though it was literally 30 minutes door to door! As part of this final week long intensive we were each given our final task, to teach a 60 - 75 minute Yoga class with Meditation & Pranayama included. We could teach whatever style we wanted, we could theme however we wanted, we could included a playlist if we wanted. This was our time to shine

I remember asking to go first purely because I knew that if I didn't I would spend every waking moment in the run up to my Exam over-thinking, over-analysing & questioning every decision I had made. On a personal level I love attending the most chilled of Yoga sessions but as a teacher I knew straight off the bat I wanted to deliver something powerful, upbeat, STRONG. I want my students to leave feeling like they could take on the world. I want to ignite the fiery inner Yang energy since so much Yoga focuses on the grounding Yin energy

It's interesting to me that Yoga doesn't really focus much on the core traditionally so I wanted to really get my students focused and thinking only on their core muscles

On Saturday 31st October at 7:30am I taught a fiery, Yang energy, Power Vinyasa flow inspired by the four major muscles of the core. We started by connecting to our Power (Ujjayi) breath before getting ourselves psyched up with some Osho Meditation & free movement to one of my favourite songs "Everybody's Free" by Rozalla. It felt appropriate

Did you know that the Transverse Abdominis, the largest & deepest of the abdominal muscles is kind of like the "Spanx" of the abs? Think of it as your own internal corset that keeps you super stable when you need to balance

Not normally one for props, I made it my mission to use the brick for most of my class again, by bringing it into the core focused section of the flow. But these bricks weren't just any old brick oh no my friend these were our solid gold bricks that we couldn't drop or we'd lose them. We needed our minds to be in sharp focus, our core to be engaged & drawing on our Power breath to ensure these golden bricks would stay put

I felt like it was a fun way to incorporate some challenging core work & a fun way to utilise a prop that has historically been seen as something a beginner uses, or someone who isn't good at Yoga might use for difficult Asanas. I wanted to break that mould & I'm happy with what I delivered

Did you know that the Rectus Abdominis muscle supports flexion & compression of the torso? This is our more commonly referred to "six pack" and is the most superficial of the major abdominal muscles

We ended with a relaxing Savasana & a return to our Power breath as I left my students with a simple question...

" How will you carry your powerful serenity into the rest of your day & the week ahead?

I was truly thankful to share my Power vinyasa flow on the morning of Samhain (Halloween), & it felt all the more special to know that evening would be a full blue moon. Did I deliver a perfect flow? Of course not, there's no such thing but I'm happy with what I did deliver & I passed. That class was all me, 100% through & through. I poured my heart & soul into it & I know where I need to develop my skills so I'm glad to have something to focus on

I have so much more to share from last week but I'll leave it for my next post. For now if you want to Rise Well With Power then click here to book your spot

Stay Well



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