How To Apply Astheya To Our Everyday Lives

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Today we're looking at how we might be able to apply Astheya to real life situations and I wanted to share with you a story of a person who was the hardest working person they knew. Each morning they would wake up and check their emails before even getting out of bed, their eyes had barely adjusted to the natural light before that high energy visible light was being thrust in front of them. The mornings went by in a bit of a haze, breakfast was always eaten whilst browsing through social media feeds and catching up with daily news articles. This person worked in the city and so the daily commute meant plenty of time to catch up with emails and get drafts prepped to be sent as soon as WiFi was available again

This person worked long days and well over their contracted hours but this was the norm, everyone in the office did this, it was almost expected and whenever someone left on time, they were often judged even glared at by others for "leaving early". Lunch was consumed at the desk and more exposure to that blue light was beginning to cause a strain on their eyes. Usually by the time this person got home for the night, they were headaches, exhausted and too tired to cook. So often their evening meals were take aways or ready meals that could be thrown in the microwave. They barely had time to shower before bed let alone get any kind of workout in

Instead of taking time to relax on the weekend, this person would be out most weekends with friends in an effort to escape and release their stresses and strains form the week before. However, this was just putting a plaster on the wound as opposed to actually healing it. Eventually, this person suffered burn out, exhaustion and was forced to take time off work for both their physical and mental health. They ended up needing to take a minimum of six months to fully recover and during that time they realised that not only were they completely overworked with basically no work-life balance but their mindset had become so distorted that they actually believed that lifestyle was sustainable, long term!

During their six months off, they realised they'd been given a huge wake up call. They were not only suffering with high stress but in their hindsight they identified moments of anxiety as well, and they knew things had to change because they clearly couldn't carry on like this

They'd come to realise that they had been giving far too much of themselves to their work and they weren't getting what they needed in return. Life was completely off balance. Their work had effectively stolen so much time and energy from them but they knew that they had allowed this to happen and so they decided to make changes in order to bring about a sense of balance that would allow them to work, and remain productive and successful without stopping them from doing the things they loved, like outdoor pursuits, going to the beach and spending time with their family who they'd been guilty of not seeing for well over 12 months. This person also made time for Yoga and Meditation to help bring a sense of clarity and focus to their mind as well as keeping themselves active. They even employed some breathing techniques to help manage their anxiety and over time found that their quality of life was improving with a greater sense of balance

Does this sound familiar to you? Well that's because this is the story of many "professionals" in a lot of Western societies. For too long we have given far too much of ourselves to our work and not to ourselves, to our heart and soul. This begins to foster a lack mindset within us when if we could just remember that the abundant Universe with its unlimited resources is always there to hold us, we would see that by giving more generously at the appropriate moments we open ourselves up to abundant prosperity in return

Take this one step further by understanding tat we must first practice compassion and integrity, we are better abled to align ourselves with an abundant mindset. What we receive is in direct symmetry with what we give out into the world, and so if we feel we are not receiving enough then we need to simply look inwards and be really honest about our intentions and motivations when giving

I hope you found this article informative and helpful. Join me on Friday where I'll be sharing some Affirmations and self-inquiry questions for deeper inward reflection

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