How Can I Apply Satya To My Own life?

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Today we’re going to look at how we can apply Satya to our everyday lives, together. As we know Satya is the second of The Yamas and can be translated as truthfulness, honesty and integrity. I find it interesting that in order for us to successfully practice Satya, we must first begin the practice of Ahimsa

Up until 31st March 2020 I worked in sales for seven years and as part of one particular training course focused around Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, we discovered how we each have our own “map of the world” that is formed and developed from the moment we are born. When we hit the age of seven years our belief system, our moral compass is pretty much locked in. Now that doesn’t mean it cannot change but it is believed that all we have learnt up to this point is sealed within us, and this is formed by our environments in terms of how we are raised, the experiences we encounter. All of which shape us into the human we eventually become, and it is only as we get older and our natural curiosity takes over, that we may begin to question the very beliefs and morals that we once held so dear, especially if they do not align with our truest truth deep down

It is quite commonly known that when we are grieving we feel this emotion in our chest, and we’ve all heard the term “butterflies in the stomach” in relation to nervousness or fear. But did you know that love and happiness can be felt throughout our entire body? Take a moment to sit with yourself in silence and listen to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Where do you feel them in your body? It is vital to look within for the answers we seek as it is within that we will find our truth, which in turn will empower us to trust our own body when taking a risk. It’s called intuition for a reason; you know that feeling you get when you meet someone new and you can’t put your finger on it but your gut tells you that this person is not to be trusted? Well that is your body giving you some truthfulness

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