Four Days In & I’m Feeling Strong

I feel like my life has turned into a never ending cycle of workouts, prepping meals and then eating said meals. I’m not even mad because I am loving it! The food is SO GOOD and SO SATISFYING, I am eating more often than I did before and I am loving the workouts so much. I’m feeling so motivated and yet normally (bearing in mind I’ve eliminated processed grains, sugars and gluten) I’d be really struggling by now and probably would have given in, which is why I’ve never done “diets” before because they just leave you feeling so rubbish about yourself because they’re impossible to stick to! But this is filling, fulfilling, tasty and has a good variety of food types. For example, porridge oats or pancakes for breakfast, something I would never normally have purely because of time; then a different smoothie everyday as my mid morning snack and today’s was LUSH; a good lunch followed by a mid-afternoon snack and a filling dinner

The workouts are tough though and I mean like so hard. There’s one leg workout that I seriously do not enjoy but I know it’s doing me good and I’m getting stronger so I focus on that to drive me and keep me energised throughout my workout. By the end I am so happy and proud of myself, plus I’m sweating more than ever but I love it. I’ve been doing my PIIT28 Workouts after teaching my morning POP classes so as much as there’s a small part of me that wants to give up before I’ve even started, I’m noticing that every day I’m feeling more and more fired up to workout and it’s actually over before I realise it

I’ve been following the #MindfulMay calendar since Monday as well and documenting my daily moments of mindfulness, it’s been so lovely to have one moment to myself every day to bring me back to myself and I’m particularly enjoying my daily meditation, especially since I can do it during the day and I’m not restricted to doing it in the morning only. I love it so much I created a chakra balancing self-care ritual for The Well Membership community

You know what? I’ve noticed my skin is in such good condition after just 4 days as well. Now I have been taking an early morning shot before my workouts since April 20th and it’s definitely having a positive impact on the areas I was hoping it would, skin included!

I can’t wait to share it with you!

Tonight is a full moon so I’ve been focusing my attention on what I need to release, giving thanks for all that I have an attracting more of what I want. I’ll also be placing my crystals outside to recharge under the moonlight, I’ve not done that for a long time and I really should be doing it with every full moon

I’ll be back tomorrow with another update

Stay Well



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