Facing Our Fears

Tonight I held my very first live POP Pilates class right here on Instagram and in a weird way I was super nervous. I’ve literally held a class almost every day for over four weeks on my private Facebook group!! But Instagram is different. There’s more people here, which means more people to see me put myself out there, more people who might judge me or take the mick. It’s stupid to think this way since the reality is that no one really cares THAT much!

The ego is a powerful thing though and causes many narcissism’s, which can lead us to remain in our comfort zones because they’re safe and there’s no risks of failure or pain there. But comfort zones are boring. The key is to tap into your “why” and let that be the anchor that drives you forward to the other side of comfort. Because that’s where success lies, on the other side of comfort. Thank you for POPing with me this evening, it was loads of fun, even if the video did pause because I stupidly tapped something on the screen, and even if you did see my three bulldogs snoozing on the other side of the camera. That’s real life, right? I have to say thank you to Cassey Ho, Founder of POP Pilates as well, for giving us so much flexibility right now with our classes

This guy here is the handsome chap whose back of the head made several cameo’s in tonight’s live. Figured it was only fair for the front of his head to reveal itself as well. I am full on snuggling on the sofa now with Piglet Pants (here), Gizmo Socks and Bindi Boo - although that’s a very broad term since I’m almost falling off the sofa. I hope you have a relaxing evening and remember there’s still time to sign up for next weeks virtual retreat - Re-Treat Yourself Well. All you need to do is subscribe at the bottom of the homepage and all the details will be emailed to you right away along with a super cute worksheet for us to work through together

Stay Well



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