Changes to the WELL Membership & How I Plan To bring You More Value...

Helò, sut wyt ti heddiw? Croeso i WELL with Samantha gyda fi, Samantha.

Hello, how are you today? Welcome to WELL with Samantha with me, Samantha.

I’m really excited to share with you the upcoming changes to the WELL Membership for September & October! Watch the YouTube video here.

As you know I launched the WELL Membership (an online members platform) back in June with the goal of providing you with all the tools you could need to curate & create your very own Wellness & self-care routine, processes & journey. I originally wanted the WELL Membership to be like a “one-stop shop” for all things Wellness related including workouts, Yoga practices, mindfulness, guided meditations & breath work & of course our Magickal Mornings. I’m actually pretty damn happy with what I’ve achieved in the last 3 months & how the well membership has impacted all of you.

I’ve learned along the way that in my desire to give so much, I’ve actually given too much of myself & given you so much that it’s become rather overwhelming for me & more importantly for you. That was never my intention but here we are.

I took August as an opportunity to slow down, step back from social media, be more present & sit with the feelings that were coming up for me & I realised that I really needed to go back to my original reason for stepping away from my corporate career. In my last video I talk about a very vivid memory from around 12 years ago when I was at my lowest ebb, drowning in an ocean of depression & feeling like there really was only 1 way out of my situation. If you’ve not already seen it you can watch that video here.

I feel like I’ve come full circle; from that vivid memory of being okay with such shallow breathing that I felt as though if I stopped everything would be okay & the world would be a far better place without me in it. To listening to an interview with a Transformational Breathing Coach & noticing how it really resonated with me but not consciously connecting the dots. To finally in August having that lightbulb moment, the realisation & the very consciously affirming experience that my focus really does need to be on breathing, breath work, pranayama.

Which is why from Monday 5th September the WELL Membership is changing. With a mix of live & re-recorded content available every Monday - Friday. Check out September’s theme & timetable below:

From October there’ll be further changes that align with what I now realise is my true soul purpose & I know in my heart will feel more energetically aligned for you as well. So many of you have expressed to me (without prior knowledge of my plans) that my breathing practices are what really resonate with you, have helped you in some way & have impacted your life & how you consciously choose to connect to your breath, in a more positive way. I feel like in some way the Universe was tapping me on the should & saying “Sam, are you listening?”. Yes, I definitely was & I know now, that I always will.

I’m not going to go into too much depth right now about October, let’s save that for next week’s update. If you are consciously choosing to ride the waves of breath with me, then keep an eye out for next week's update. If you’re already a member then check your inbox tomorrow for a personal update on how this affects your membership.

Gyda cariad a cwtch

(With love & hugs)



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