Back At It With POP Pilates

This morning I was back at it with another POP Pilates class. It's been just over 4 weeks since I first started offering a daily 30 minute class for free via my private Facebook group and I think I've taken one day off in that time. It's been so much fun and I have loved every minute because it's set my day up even if I haven't really done anything productive, it's really kept my spirits and mood high. That being said, I took Friday off for my birthday and then the weekend so that I could focus on my Yoga studies and so to come back to it this morning felt even better than it did before. I felt revived and re-energised after 3 days off from POP. It made me enjoy this morning's class all the more!

I spent the rest of today filming 3 ab challenges to bring us all up to speed, my abs are on fire now thank you very much haha! I've also been making the final touches to the 3-Day Retreat, which goes live next Monday, and I can't believe how many people have signed up already! It's been so exciting to see all the subscriptions and to know that we'll be working on our Wellbeing together over 3 days and I am so excited to be sharing everything that I do for my own Wellness with you

As you know I'm planing to start the Blogilates 28 day reset and PIIT28 1.0 on 1st May and I'll be documenting EVERYTHING; from workouts to meals, from mindfulness practices to how I'm feeling each day because I want you to know how it works for me so that if you decide to give it a go then you know exactly what to expect. I genuinely can't wait because this is something I've always wanted to do but I get so distracted so easily and now I have the time and clarity to really dedicate this in order to get the best results

After my morning POP class I generally have a nice cold smoothie and today I made a slushy...

3 Ingredient Immune Boosting Mango Baobab Slushy

All you need is the following 3 ingredients:

Frozen Mango

1 tbsp Baobab Powder

Mango yoghurt

Blend all 3 ingredients together with cold water, and serve straight away. Enjoy! The Baobab powder is particularly important because it’s super rich in Vitamin C, which is not only great for boosting our immune systems but is also essential for the production of Collagen within the skin and body. Making this a great anti-ageing drink as well and I’m all about keeping my skin as youthful as possible with natural methods

If you're still thinking about signing up to the 3-Day retreat then just check out all of this below that's included:

3 x live 30 minute POP Pilates workouts each morning at 8am

3 x live mindfulness rituals each with a guided meditation each lunchtime at midday

3 x live journalling sessions each afternoon at 4pm

When you subscribe I'll send you a worksheet that we'll work through together on each day. It's entirely up to you if you want to print this worksheet out or simply save it to your device to use as a prompt. All you need to do is head on over to the homepage and subscribe to receive the email, which will include the worksheet and a link to the private facebook group. This retreat will be held in a separate group to the one where I hold my live classes

This retreat is open to everyone so you can absolutely share it with your friends and family. The more the better so that we can support each other over the 3-Days

I really hope you do join us

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