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Hey, happy Monday!

Its been a really hard start to the year. I feel like every year we all say ”THIS is gonna be MY YEAR!” With such gumption and confidence and then life comes along and bitch slaps us round the face with some major hurdles right before the first month is even through You know just to put us firmly back in our box!!

Case in point, two weeks into January and our silver fox bunny, Dasher was attacked and killed by what I can only assume was a fox (We lost our Rex bunny, Velveteen last March). Probably the most traumatic thing I’ve seen in my entire life and thank god I don’t have kids because it was just horrific and the image is forever etched into my brain. Our bunnies have always been outdoor bunnies and we’ve never had a problem with predators before so this came as a real shock however, it had been a particularly cold night (-3 when I woke up!), and it’s highly likely there’s less food waste since everywhere’s been closed because of lockdown 3.0

Two weekends ago we rushed our 6 year old Frenchi, Piglet to the super vet for spinal surgery as he’d ruptured a disc in his lumbar spine. Surgery went well but Piglet was stressing out a lot afterwards so they wanted us to bring him home so we could help him to recover in familiar surroundings. 24 hours after we got that news, which was so positive, he’d developed Myelomalassis; necrosis of the spinal cord where the nerve cells die at the point of injury, ascending upwards. He would have suffocated once it reached his diaphragm and intercostal so we had to make the heartbreaking decision to say our goodbyes. I’m still crying daily but we’re talking about him a lot and focusing on the happy memories, letting the emotions and the tears come as we navigate this loss together

Our 5 year old Frenchi, Gizmo was rushed into the specialists for emergency eye surgery on a ruptured ulcer. Seriously, you couldn’t make this shit up! He has a condition very common to the breed called Entropia whereby the eyelids curl inwards causing the lashes to hit the eyeball and cause damage in the form of ulcerations. Left untreated they can be potentially fatal. He’s home now and on A LOT of meditation, but he’s so chilled out and I’ve never met a dog so unbothered by “the cone of shame”. He‘s snuggled into me as a type

This was the year I was going to get hyper focused on my goals and hit my business and personal targets with confidence, ease and grace. But instead, life had a good old laugh at me and put me a few steps back. It’s okay though because although I’m moving a little slower in some respects, in other respects I’ve actually moved more purposefully because this whole series of events has forced me to take a step back and identify the things that will actually have an impact on whether or not I achieve my goals for this year

It‘s called taking “inspired action”, which basically means taking actionable steps that will actually help you get to where you want to be. That meant if I wanted to take time for myself and rest then I needed to do just ONE thing each day to have a positive impact on my business and personal goals. I decided to remove ALL the pressure and instead do the things that brought me a little bit of joy and made sure I didn’t feel like a complete failure for staying in my pajamas most of the day

Those two things were simple:

• Research and contact ONE business I would like to work with each day to offer my services

• Take our 3 year old staffie cross, Bindi for a walk

The second one means I’m forced to move and it gets me outside with fresh air filling my lungs. Great for lifting me out of any kind of funk. It worked too because I actually ended up doing a little bit more as a result; I gave my monthly newsletter a facelift, I played with Bindi a lot more at home, I drank LOADS of Yorkshire tea (which is always a positive!), I listened to music & podcasts, I engaged in talks on Clubhouse, I talked to friends, I Meditated with renewed focus

I’m not telling you these extra thing to brag I’m just amazed that I did them and they brought pockets of joy into my day, which for the most part was filled with tears, feeling completely and utterly numb, like a piece of my soul had died with Piglet, being afraid of forgetting my last moments with him, organising his cremation (yes that’s a thing), taking care of vets bills and insurance, organising our photos into a shared album so we could both enjoy them and decide which ones to print and frame, and of course more crying and wondering if there’s more we could have done to prevent what happened, and learning to come to terms with the fact that there was NOTHING we could have done to stop this; it’s happened and now we have to work through our emotions together

Anyway, the main reason for this post is to share with you an affirmation to come back to in those moments of high stress. I have found this particular one really helpful the last few days and if you’ve signed up to my mailing list you would have already received the anti-stress Affirmation for Febreathary

I decided to have a little bit of fun with this one though and make it into a wallpaper for your phone so that every time you go to check your social media you have this anti-stress affirmation to greet you. All you need to do is screenshot it and save it as your wallpaper

I really hope you find it helpful and remember, this month is all about the breath; we are in Febreathary after all! So, if you haven’t already, go and check out our first breathing technique for grief and loss

How have you been managing the first few weeks of 2021? Have you been managing them at all? I would love to know how it’s going for you

Stay Well Samantha


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