A New Month & A New Theme

It's April. We are fully into Spring, & yes that does mean showers so the weather (thank goodness!) is pretty normal out there right now! Remember the rhyme "April's showers bring May's flowers"???

Anyway, a new month means a whole new theme & focus for us to discover, explore, learn & delve deeper into during our asana practice, & this month we're moving our attention to the "Vayu's". You may remember we explored Prana Vayu last month when we learned more about the air element. We have 5 "Vayu's" within each of us & they're representative of different energies or "winds" that flow in our body, which according to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, are a little like energy sub-categories of our Prana or life-force:

  1. Prana Vayu - Forward momentum

  2. Apana Vayu - Downward momentum

  3. Samana Vayu - Inward momentum

  4. Udana Vayu - Upward momentum

  5. Vyana Vayu - Outward momentum

Since we've already had a taste of Prana Vayu, we're beginning with Apana Vayu. This is a downwards momentum that is very grounding & said to be most active in the pelvic region thus connecting it to the elimination of waste from the body. Not just physical waste but energetic waste also. If our Apana Vayu is too strong or too great this could cause us to feel more lethargic & tired. If Apana Vayu is too weak we may feel insecure & fearful. Balanced Apana Vayu leaves us feeling grounded & secure, with a strong foundation for overall health.

In our asana practices this week we'll be exploring Apana Vayu through a series of shapes that will leave us feeling strong & powerful. Yes, even in our restorative Chill-out sessions we'll cultivate this feeling by drawing our awareness to how our pelvis feels in the different shapes we make. We'll consciously think about strengthening through Mula Bhanda as well as stoking our inner fire with Kapalabhati breath in our morning Power Hour's.

So here's our first practice together where we explore Apana Vayu in a powerful 30 minute Vinyasa (flow) practice. I'd love to know how it felt in your body so, let me know in the comments below, & give this playlist a listen too

Stay Well



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