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  • Are you ready to stand up against overwhelm, anxiety & stress?

  • Are you ready to say "NO" to constant bombardment of relentless, traumatic & bad news that we see every damn day?

Then join the WELL Revolution: 23rd - 27th May

Your FREE 5 day Revolution to feel more in control of your own self care, health & wellbeing


For just 30 minutes every day learn techniques & exercises that you can use every single day for the rest of your life!

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Show yourself some love, time & grace

What was only going to be a 3 week lockdown back in 2020 turned into a TWO year ordeal that has affected every single person on the planet to some degree. 

As we begin to emerge back into some kind of sense of normality (what even is normal anymore???) only to be hit with the horrifying news of Ukraine being invaded by Russia.

When did everything become so warped? So incredibly overwhelming?

NOW is the TIME to take back control, fight the fog & learn how actively engaging with movement, exercises, breath work & rest can positively impact all other areas of your life

Join me for a FREE 5 day WELL Revolution where I'll show you techniques & exercises you can use for a lifetime of Wellness.












This FREE 5 day WELL Revolution is hosted on Zoom - with live videos & replays, plus interaction, Q&A's with me!

Simply register your interest below & tune in live at 9:30am (or catch the replays) each day for 30 minutes. 


It's time to say YES to YOU, come join this FREE 5-day revolution & experience the transformative power of daily self care. 


Give me just 30 minutes/day for 5 days & I will give you tools you can use for a lifetime.


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Move Your Body & Feel Amazing

JOIN - WELL Revolution

Take a moment to pause. Choose the path you want to create for yourself. There is another way, say "NO" to overwhelm and "YES" to self care.

Day 3  - Yoga 

Explore how a powerful & empowering Yoga practice enriched with Yogic philosophy can leave you feeling calm, relaxed & wide awake.

DAY 1 - Magickal Morning

Taking 30 minutes on a Monday morning to stop, breathe & consciously plan your day & week immediately puts YOU in the driving seat. Let's take back control.

Day 4  - Pilates Workout 

Strengthen your body & mind connection with this 30 minute workout that will leave no muscle untouched & you with a smile on your face.

DAY 2 - Barre Workout

Learn how a 30 minute Barre workout can leave you feeling energised, clear-minded & ready for whatever your day has in store.

Day 5  - Yoga Nidra 

Experience the powerful & transformational effects of Yoga Nidra before heading outside to absorb & process what came up for you.


Day 6  - Yoga 

Learn how to slow down before you start your weekend with a calming Restorative Yoga practice where we dive a little deeper into Yoga Philosophy.

Day 7 - Breathe 

It can take minutes to transform how you feel with only your breath. Rhythmic breathing is proven to shift us out of fight, flight or freeze & into rest & digest where we instantly feel calmer.

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When: 23rd - 25th May

9:30am or catch up with replays

Where: Live via Zoom link. The replays will be available in a private YouTube playlist with lifetime access.


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