One to One & Personalised Practice

with Samantha Hale

In this custom created session with Samantha, you'll be guided towards:
- Clarity on the root cause of your chronic-stress
- Setting your own anti-stress affirmation
- Cultivating your own Pranayama practice (breath work) to call upon when you need it most
- Creating a Yoga flow personal to you
- Meditation and self-reflection to practice listening to your self once more


Praise For WELL with Samantha

I've really enjoyed ending my week on the right note with Samantha these last couple of weeks. The Yoga & Meditation has given me the best night's sleep in a long time. Thank you!

Barbara Raybould

One to One & Personalised Practice

Enjoy this free anti-stress guided meditation

From my heart to yours, I hope this brings balance & harmony to your day


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