To combat chronic-stress and reduce stress-related absence

Chronic-stress affects almost ONE MILLION people in the UK and costs UK employers an average of £28 BILLION each year!


According to a 2016 report by the Global Wellness Institute "The world's 3.2 billion workers are increasingly unwell", and they estimate only 10% of that workforce have access to workplace wellness programmes and / or services.

How much is stress-related absence costing your business, truly? Have you sat down and crunched the numbers? Or are you burying your head in the sand hoping the issue will go away on its own?

Trust me, it won't. That's not how this works. Try it now, crunch those numbers and really understand how stress-related absence is truly affecting your business finances. think about the cost of paying a full wage to someone who isn't physically working for you right now, add to that the cost of finding a temporary replacement to cover their work load; including the cost of job advertising, recruitment and then of course training.

Now consider how much of that money you would pay to prevent further loss as a result of stress-related absence. Trust me when I say that in reality the cost of prevention is a mere fraction of the cost of "ignore and avoid".

This is where I can help you to support your team's mental health and mental well-being journey. The two are not the same. Mental illness and mental wellness can coexist, and employers who take their team wellness seriously will come out of this global pandemic much much stronger, financially.

Whether you're looking for a one-off wellness experience, or wish to commit to a monthly or weekly programme, WELL with Samantha has got you covered and I can't wait to collaborate with you! Have a look around, book in a free consultation with me and let's have a chat over a cuppa about how we can inspire and empower your team on their own well-being and self-care journey.



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One-Off Virtual Wellness

Whether you want an hour or a full day of Wellness, you've come to the right place, and I can't wait to collaborate with you to create a truly memorable and bespoke experience.

Online Meditation

Monthly Wellness Programme

A monthly commitment to an effective Corporate Wellness Programme will undoubtedly enhance your team's Well-being. Let's create something special that your team will actively look forward to each month!

Online Yoga

Weekly Wellness Programme

With a new theme each month, I'll take your team on a weekly deep dive to educate and empower them in their individual and collective Wellness journeys.


I am on a personal mission to empower the estimated HALF A MILLION Brits living with chronic-stress through effective and sustainable Wellness Programmes for the prevention of burnout and exhaustion

What Companies Are Saying About

WELL with Samantha


Bi-monthly Corporate Wellness

"Samantha's online Pilates classes have proven to be a great way for our members to start their day, with us receiving some of the most positive feedback since starting our Wellbeing programme"
~ Gemma Warren, Events Manager


One-Off Virtual Wellness

"Samantha created bespoke journaling, meditation, movement and self-care content for our customers during the first UK lockdown that was Holistic and diverse"
~ Karen MacDonald, Founder