Wednesday's at 6:30am

Southsea Sunrise Yoga

Now the colder weather and darker mornings are drawing in we'll take our morning practice indoors not too far from the beach. Come and join me every Wednesday at 7am for an hour of Yoga where we'll breathe, flow and meditate together before you begin your day. The perfect way to overcome that mid-week slump!

Meet outside The Coffee Cup on Eastney Esplanade, Southsea

Please email me to book your space



Start your day STRONG and EMPOWERED

This might be Power Yoga but let's leave our ego's at the door and listen to what our bodies are telling us as we flow through an energetic practice and discover more about the roots, traditions and philosophy of Yoga, together.

Nuffield: Tuesday 6:45am



Your Sunday morning SUPER CHARGER

60 minutes of intense cardio, HIIT and Pilates to really get the heart pumping. Including all your favourite Pilates moves with the added benefit of props such as resistance bands, weights and balls to really push you to your limits!

Goodwood: Sunday 9am


Sunday's at 10:30am

Sunday Morning Yoga Bliss

Join me every Sunday morning and commit to ending your weekend on the right note, preparing you for the week ahead. This weekly Vinyasa (flow) incorporates pranayama (breath work), guided mini meditation and Savasana. I especially love to weave in the philosophies and traditions of Yoga, since it is so much more than the shapes we make on the mat.

The Pavilion, Connolly Way, Graylingwell Park, Chichester, PO19 6DA

Please email me to book your space



End your day CALM and with a FULL heart

Let's flow and learn together as we explore the philosophies of Yoga during this soothing Vinyasa practice. Drawing on our breath to guide us through each shape with fluidity, before ending in Savasana to bring a sense of calm to our minds*.

*If your mind wanders, that's totally okay by the way!

Nuffield: Monday 8pm

Thrive: Monday & Tuesday 6pm (book below)



An absolute GAME CHANGER!

A beautiful fusion of classic Pilates, barre and cardio all choreographed to upbeat pop music. It's that much fun you won't even realise you're working out until you're done!

Nuffield: Wednesday 6:30pm


Thursday's at 8:15pm

Glorious Sunset Yoga

A weekly evening flow that's super chilled to help you slow down after a busy day or week. The hub of the salon is transformed into the perfect studio space by night so bring your Yoga mat, your coziest socks or slippers, pillows or bolster and of course a blanket as we focus on slowing down our breath, our bodies and our minds with a Restorative inspired flow.

Glorious Spa, Drayton Waterside, Bognor Road, Chichester, PO20 1EG

Please call Glorious to book your space


A much needed MIDDAY pick me up

Moving through the well known and well loved classic 34 Pilates shapes as well as adding in some new moves and props for extra fun and of course to challenge us, as we focus on strengthening our powerhouse.

Nuffield: Wednesday 12pm