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A 12 month Lunar living mentorship programme for your soul

Image by Neil Mark Thomas
Image by Greg Rakozy
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I'm Samantha & Soul Alchemy is my most soul-led offering yet. But where did it start?

I knew at just 13 years old I wanted to be a Beauty Therapist because I'd experienced massage for the first time & was blown away by how powerful touch can be. For the first time in my life a complete stranger had given me a wonderful gift, introducing me to the world of massage & it made me feel so calm, so relaxed, so at ease in my own body. I knew I had to learn this magic for myself & so at the age of 16 I enrolled at the local Beauty College & began my studies.

Qualified by 18, I travelled & my work took me to Greece, the West Indies, the Scottish highlands & the beautiful South Coast of England. Somewhere along the way I lost my path & stumbled across Yoga, which helped me find my way back. I eventually quit my corporate Beauty job just 2 weeks before the UK's first lockdown in 2020 & became a qualified Yoga teacher by the end of the year.

I've spent the last 2 years exploring the wisdom & teachings, honing my craft & developing my own unique style, just like every Yoga teacher does & although I resisted at first, I found my way here, to Soul Alchemy. Because this is my evolution as well as yours.

We're on this path together & whilst I'm here to guide us, I'm also here to learn more about myself. To be as vulnerable as you & to hold space for you to discover your own Soul Alchemy.

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What is Soul Alchemy?

Soul Alchemy is your opportunity to reset in this overwhelming world. To recalibrate when the chaos is just too much. When you're facing burnout & your adrenal glands are overloaded, it's time stop. Take a pause & a moment to breathe.

Linear living just isn't working & it hasn't truly ever worked because it relies on us constantly pushing & striving to be better than we were yesterday. It competitive & combative & in our true nature we are not linear. Nothing truly is.

When we begin to observe cyclical living with the moon, we can Consciously carve out time for rest & recuperation, without feeling guilty. When we observe the elements we can tap into our innate wisdom & power to become more in tune with our Souls than ever before.

Soul Alchemy is my most Dharmic & heart-felt offering yet & it's all for YOU.


Enrolment opens Monday 6th February 2023. Doors close on Friday 31st March 2023.

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