Samantha Hale is a Wellness professional with over 2 decades in the Beauty & Spa Industry, the last 13 of which were spent in FE & Corporate Wellness. Recently leaving her role as Business Manager for leading professional skincare brand, ELEMIS to pursue her own entrepreneurial spirit; in the last 12 months Samantha has become a certified POP Pilates Instructor & Pilates Teacher, and more recently qualified as a 200hr Yoga Teacher

I genuinely wore my “workaholic” badge with pride for many many years and thought my work-life balance was only ever so slightly “off”. Turns out I had zero work-life balance, because I only had work and this was having major effects on my marriage, my friendships (or lack thereof!) & most importantly, my mental health

Around 2 years ago something inside me switched & I lost my passion for my Corporate career almost overnight. The trouble is, if I’m completely honest, I think it showed and so I had to quickly put contingencies in place to keep me feeling “sane” & to give me something to work towards. I enrolled in a 200hr YTT course with Laura Green Yoga in Southampton & took the necessary steps to fill in the gaps ahead of my course starting in March 2020, which included becoming the first Certified POP Pilates Instructor in Chichester

Like pretty much everyone else on the planet I’ve had my own experiences with Mental Health including depression, anxiety & trauma. I know it's much more common than any of us care to admit and yet there's still so much shame attached. I plan to delve much deeper and share these experiences with you in a blog post very soon because its important that we break the stigma

Over the years I’ve discovered what really works for me in terms of keeping my mental & physical health in equilibrium. I’m an early bird, usually rising before the birds themselves & I love to spend this time moving; my favourite styles of movement being Pilates Intense Interval Training, POP Pilates & Power Yoga. I need something to really wake my body up before my brain has chance to realise what’s going on! I then follow this with 20-30 mins of Meditation, journalling & reading

You may be thinking I must have all the time in the world but I actually started this routine around the same I fell out of love with my Corporate career, and have stuck to it ever since because I’m setting my day up on MY terms. I take my own mental health very seriously now; as the saying goes "You can't fill from an empty cup". How can I help you to feel mentally stronger when I'm not prioritising my own mental health? 

I want to help you find the joy in daily movement. I want to help you find the joy in eating freshly prepared food. I want to help you find your own mental fortitude so that you feel ready to not only seize your day but actually ACHIEVE it. I want you to experience consistently good nights' sleep because your mind is clear & not buzzing with the worries from the day you've just had coupled with the anxieties of tomorrow

I am delighted to be opening my diary for 2021 offering both private 1:1 tuition & Corporate Wellness services to manage high-stress, depression & imposter syndrome:

  • Pilates (Classical, Power & POP)

  • Yoga (Power Vinyasa & Restorative)

  • Guided Meditation

  • Guided Pranayama (breath work) 

  • Vegan Nutrition

  • Advanced Aromatherapy

If you can't wait until January 2021 then I invite you to...

- Rise Well With Power Monday to Friday at 7am

- Rest Well With Clarity every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 8:30pm

- POP with me every Thursday at 10am

All classes are held via Zoom & all links are sent upon booking & 30 minutes before class starts

I can't wait to work with you


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