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About Me

Hey, it's lovely to have you here. My name's Samantha & I'm a former Beauty Therapist of almost 25 years turned Barre, Pilates & Yoga teacher, teaching in-person Breathwork & Yoga across Chichester, Havant & Southsea.

I began my career in the Wellness Industry at just 13 years old when I worked as a Saturday girl at a Clinic of Alternative Therapy in my hometown of Wrecsam, North Wales.

This initiation at such a young age laid the foundations for what was to become a life long journey towards my true soul purpose & lead me to where I am today; guiding breath work, movement & meditation both in-person & online.

I currently teach in-person Yoga at The Pavilion in Chichester every Thursday morning & am heavily focused on building my online platform, the Breathe WELL Membership. Click the button below for more details & to join our growing community of soul-led humans.

I'd be honoured to hold space for you.

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07308 604831

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