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Hey, it's lovely to have you here. My name's Samantha (Everyone calls me Sam) & I'm a former Beauty Therapist of 23 years turned Barre, Pilates & Yoga teacher, teaching in-person classes in Chichester, Havant & Southsea.

I absolutely LOVE teaching Power Yoga, with chilled Yoga flow (or Vinyasa) a close second. I'm always theming my classes because I love learning about the traditions of Yoga & sharing what I learn with my students. I'm known for bringing a sense of fun to my classes & creating a safe place for people to move in a way that feels good for them, in their own body.

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I qualified as a Pilates Teacher before this & I'm often told by my students that my style is very different to other teachers. I take this as a complement because I really want movement to be fun. What's the point of working out if it feels like a chore??? We might as well do something that makes us happy & brings us joy, right?!

I recently qualified as a Barre Instructor too & I am LOVING IT! Have you ever been to a Barre class? Seriously, it's SO. MUCH. FUN!!! 

I'm hoping to start teaching my own Pilates & Barre classes from Summer 2022 so make sure you sign up to my mailing list to receive updates on this before anyone else.

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