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Are you ready to feel mentally & physically STRONGER?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Think of this website as your growing, ever-evolving “one-stop shop” for all things Wellness. I am on a personal mission to help you, yes YOU find true balance in your life by aligning mind, body & soul through joyful movement, Meditation, Pranayama & Nutrition

Having experienced depression, anxiety & trauma in my own life I am well aware of the impact & lasting effects this can have on our mental and therefore, our physical health. It’s taken me years to find what works for me & now I want to share that with you

I am delighted to offer the following services:​

  • Corporate Wellness packages

  • Private 1:1 Yoga & Pilates tuition

  • Zoom Yoga & Pilates

  • In person Yoga & Pilates classes (from January 2021)

  • Charity based Yoga & Pilates community classes (from January 2021)

I look forward to working with you towards stronger mental & physical Wellness


Stress. The Statistics


  • Half a million people in the UK have work-related stress

  • Chronic stress is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK

  • 70 million work days are lost each year in the UK alone due to chronic stress

  • This costs UK employers £26 billion each year

  • 38% of Brits fear revealing Mental Health conditions at work would damage their career

  • 57% of UK employees admit to feeling exhausted by their work

  • 28% of UK employees use prescription medicine to "feel better"

  • 40% of UK workers admit to having little to no energy for their family after work

  • Millennials & Gen X (18 - 47) are considered to be the most stressed generations

  • 1/3 of UK office based staff are still NOT offered flexible working hours even though a staggering 87% want to work this way!




"I love being a part of Sam's community, it's so much more than exercise. Lockdown wasn't lonely or isolating because we had a shared purpose & were there to support each other

Everyday I joined Sam's classes & found POP Pilates to be a wonderful workout where we were stretched & challenged safely. I feel extremely lucky to be part of this wonderful community that Sam has created"

Chrissie Loveday

POPster, online


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Committed To Your Needs & Privacy

I am committed to making this website a useful & accessible resource for EVERYONE. This takes time so please bear with me as I look into ways I can make this happen. If you have feedback or suggestions please do email me

Thank you


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